The Essence of Idaho Wilderness

Kingdom in the Sky-9692

Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better -- Albert Einstein

Bring Nature Home

"Each of my photographs represents a singularity of time and space.  A captured moment now only an echo through the ages. "  -- Shane Davila

whats this about?

In remote wilderness places exist singularities of both time and space. Moments where light, form, and energy come together in magical blends. A moment in time that has never been here before and will never return again. My life mission is to record these fleeting seconds before they disappear, becoming only echoes through the ages. It is my hope to enrich people's lives with the peaceful energies encapsulated within my photographs to promote heightened wellbeing and solitude.

My name is Shane Davila and I'm a Wilderness Landscape Photographer based out of Idaho, USA. I've spent most of my adult life chasing these epic moments, embracing them, and striving to capture and preserve them with my camera.  Each image has a special story and unique earthly energy.  My hope is to bring nature's peace and soothing energy into people's lives and homes through my photography and writing.

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Wilderness Scenery from Idaho and Beyond

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