Spring Image Sale

Introduce nature's harmony and soothing beauty into your home or workspace while also incorporating a splash of color and natural elegance.  The spring collection is offered in two different mediums, brilliant metal, and stately canvas wraps.  Both stand out from the wall giving your unique image an art gallery effect.  All images are ready to hang and are produced with the finest quality materials and craftsmanship.  

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  • Romantic Interlude
  • Stanley Basin in Spring
  • Stanley Basin 2015-3116

Spring Note Cards

Limited Quantity 

The Perfect Gift

All Purpose Greeting Cards

Set of 10 - 5 x 7 textured note cards with envelopes packaged in a black kraft box with a clear lid trimmed with a silver stretch loop.  Each box contains 2 each of all 5 spring collection images printed on Silk photographic paper that have a fine texture giving them a luxurious silk-like look and feel.  Silk photographs are fingerprint-proof!

Made with a heavyweight textured white greeting card paper and not card stock with a real Silk photograph embedded into the card and packaged in an attractive clear lid gift box.  These are not your average flimsy cards.  They have a substantial feel to them and display the elegance of nature. 

These cards are blank inside and can be used for any occasion.  Perhaps write a special message to your graduate, let someone know they are appreciated and loved, or provide encouraging words to someone who may need it.

Personal notes are a pleasant surprise and have a cheering effect when received.

"Spring on Mores Mountain"

Untitled photo

Spring on Mores Mountain was shot in the Boise National Forest near Bogus Basin.  Being so close to Boise this is a wonderful treasure to visit for hiking, photographing, birdwatching, painting, or anything nature.   A scenic two-mile trail leads hikers through remnants of old-growth forest, fields of wildflowers, splendid grassy meadows, and views of distant cascading mountain ranges.  Typically the trail is occluded with snow and may not be hikable until late May to early June because much of the higher portion of the trail is on the Northside and facing away from the sun.  Most of the spring flowers do not come out until July and even later for some species because of the altitude.

Spring on Mores Mountain - Sizes & Medium

"Shoshone Whisper"

ancestral harmony

Untitled photo

This very land was once inhabited by these children of the Earth, if you listen closely to the breeze you may still hear their whispers harmonizing within this surreal landscape.  In ancestral times they may have performed their ceremonial Sun Dance during the summer solstice in this very location.  During this sacred celebration, tribal members would renew their relationship with the land and its inhabitants.  Often warriors would experience visions that may lead them on their Vision Quest.  These visions were thought to come from the supernatural.

Shoshone Whisper - Sizes & Medium

"Romantic Interlude"

an elegant dance of passion

As the warm light gently kisses across the landscape, an elegant dance of passion unfolds, an interplay of light and form-- heightened emotion and a climax of pure bliss -- A Romantic Interlude.

Romantic Interlude - Sizes & Medium

"Spring in Stanley Basin"

Bright & Welcoming    |   Captivating   |   Refreshing

Here, one can contemplate the true fantastic forces of nature and the gentle beauty of life.  The Sawtooth Mountains, together with its great lakes and basins, is a true Eden that should be visited in order to restore peace and balance to our lives.  Surround yourself with natures elegance and give your home a bold statement.

Spring in Stanley Basin - Sizes & Medium

"Twilight Grandeur"

Bold yet Elegant   |   Ethereal   |   Contemplative

In darkness, before the Earth awakes, is often the most peaceful of times. Standing in a meadow amongst wildflowers -- darkness of night lay heavy, frozen dewdrops adorning the camas with majesty -- the cold, the silence, the feeling of being alone yet very much present, alive. Night slowly transcends to the subtleness of blue--a moment before the warm rays of the sun crest the horizon-- a moment of twilight when nature still sleeps. It is here that her deep beauty is revealed without shadow and in the softness of cool, blue light. Before the songbirds sing, before the omnivorous badger hunts, and before the ancient call of the sandhill crane, there is subtle beauty revealed between night and day, Twilight Grandeur.

Twilight Grandeur - Sizes & Medium

What to choose, Metal or Canvas?


By infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets your images will take on a magical luminescence that is sure to brighten up any room and draw the continuous attention of guests who view them. These prints have stand-out frames that will be about 1-inch from your wall.  They are ready to hang.  Framing options are also available with Metal Prints. 

Canvas Gallery Wraps

Give your photo a painting-like quality.  Canvas Gallery Wraps are images printed directly onto museum-quality canvas.  The print is then wrapped around an artist's stretcher frame.  Canvas prints have a modern look and go well with a variety of lighting scenarios.  

Paper Prints

I also have photographic prints available.  Most images are printed on either Lexjet E-Satin acid free resin coated photo paper or Moab Slickrock Metallic resin coated photo paper.  I can assist with custom framing if desired.  If a printed piece is of interest to you please reach out directly to me.  

Need Some Help Choosing?

The goal is to select an image and lighting which will harmonize with your home-- bringing balance and energy--creating pleasing-positive energy and dynamic visual flow.

What size will be appropriate for a given space or room? Too small an image will not bring confidence and energy to a room but may result in a lack of flow and bad Feng Shui. Too large of an image and it will seem out of place, overpowering, or awkward.  If you know the location I can help you determine the size.  Simply take a well lit photo with your phone of the space you want to place it, including the furniture around it, and measure from the distance from the back of the couch, or table, or bed, to the ceiling, then email or text that to me.  I will create a custom mockup for you.  I can help, have your peeps call my peeps.

Do you need to bring in more natural or artificial light into the image location to help it stand out, and bring out its essence?Having the right lighting is very important.  Prints, canvas, and metal finishes need illumination in order to bring out the magic.  It might be just a well-lit room, or we may have to place a light source near the picture.  These images will work in low light conditions but will need light directed onto them in order to see the magic.  I can help, have your peeps call my peeps.

Not seeing an image that seems to speak to you or the space you have in mind?I have lots of images that might be just what you're looking for.  The right image will jump at you and harmonize with you, you'll know when you see it.  Contact me and I'll send you a custom list of imagery that might work better for you, and yes, I'll honor the spring sale prices.  

Please Note:  Each computer screen and mobile device screen will have varying degrees of differences in things like brightness, color fidelity, contrast, sharpness, and saturation.  Therefore, viewing these images on your screen may not necessarily be representative of the actual image quality.  When your image arrives at your home it will represent photographic excellence, perfect color, and brightness--ready to enlighten your home with the harmony of nature.

Coming Soon

Untitled (16 × 6 in)


Original Limited Edition Artwork by Shane Davila

There are certain photographs that represent something truly special.  Particular qualities of location or the serendipitous assembly of light and form that promotes the photograph to legendary status.  This elite class of photos all share qualities of photographic excellence and are produced using the finest quality materials and production methods.  I spare no expense and work with the finest tradespeople to insure excellence and longevity of these photographs.  Only Master Print Makers are allowed to work with these images.  Strict quality control guidelines are adhered to at every step of the process.  Signature attributes unique only to these photographs demand that rarity be adhered to and with such conformity to excellence so too does the investment.  These numbered elite works are Collector Series Pieces of Art and issued a certificate of authentication, a full written photo story,  and are hand-signed by Shane Davila.  

Watch for announcements later pertaining to release parties for Elite pieces.

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