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Hidden away in the plains of Idaho, amongst towering ancient hoodoos and pinnacles, is a magical place where dreams are realized and one's destiny is revealed; a window into the enchanted.

Eight million years ago a supernatural place was born of superheated volcanic ash and millennia of erosion. A magical place of vibrancy and unique earth energy; where peace and harmony enlighten revealing purpose and destiny to lost souls. Like a scene from Alice in Wonderland, energy from this enchanting window connected with me on a deep level, a spiritual level, beckoning me to enter.  I've hiked here several times and never discovered this small waterfall, which only occurs in early spring.  As the sun sank low in the sky revealing a calming pallet of color I sat down to embrace this moment, the stream slowed, a strange hush surrounded me and all that was, that I could see, feel, or hear transformed into the dream world I had somehow entered.  A serene glowing entrance, a window into the enchanted.   I suddenly discovered that I had been transported, in both mind and spirit, into another realm.  Feelings of solitude, contentment, and joy filled my soul; troubles faded away. I was now in a realm where the troubles of man do not exist.  A place where peace is the primary ingredient, where energy moves at a different frequency, and tranquility is all-embracing.   As the hush surrounded me all I could hear was the gentle cascade of water, all I could see was the brilliance of fading light.  "Where am I?" I asked.  "You are no longer in the world of man but in a place that knows only love, peace, and harmony," came whispering back.  After what seemed like hours I was back, back into the world of man.  "Please, let me come back", I cried.  Warm energy touched me with reassurance that the harmony I had experienced is within me. In that instant I was enlightened. I gained insight into my life. This ordained moment had infused within me a profound understanding of my purpose; my destiny.

Hidden away in the plains of Idaho, amongst towering ancient hoodoos and pinnacles, is a magical place where dreams are realized and one's destiny is revealed; a window into the enchanted.

In Idahos remote places exists opportunities to capture singularities of both time and space.  Moments where light, shape, and energy come together in a unique array; captured by my camera and now gone to the ages.  A moment in time that has never been here before and will never return again.

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Shane Davila Wilderness Photographer


This image is limited to just 100 copies.  Each Limited Edition Fine Art Print is signed by Shane Davila and includes a Certificate of Authenticity along with the image story printed on unique onion skin paper.

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By infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets your images will take on a magical luminescence that is sure to brighten up any room and draw the continuous attention of guests who view them. These prints have stand-out frames that will be about 1-inch from your wall.  They are ready to hang.  Framing options are also available with Metal Prints. 

There are also options for mounting on barnwood for a unique rustic look and feel. Please message Shane for more information and to get  a custom quote for framed metal prints.  208-866-7596 or

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 Choosing the right glass, mat and frame is a very unique opportunity to customize the look and how your art will interact with the rest of your space.  I can assist with this process and have a custom framing partner located in Boise who is familiar with my work.  The other option is that you can purchase the print and have it framed yourself.  Call or text for details 208-866-7596, or email me at

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