Spring in Stanley Basin

Experience the Heart of Idaho Wilderness

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spring wildflowers       |    snow-capped peaks    |    expansive green meadows

Stanley Basin in Spring

Here, one can contemplate the true fantastic forces of nature and the gentle beauty of life.

In this place, one might reconnect with themselves as the troubles of man fade into the ether. A place where the call of the wolf and the sound of free-flowing streams and rivers remind us of the wild still left in our fragile world. Here, one can contemplate the true fantastic forces of nature and the gentle beauty of life.

The Sawtooth Mountains, together with its great lakes and basins, is a true Eden that should be visited in order to restore peace and balance into our lives. “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” -- Albert Einstein.  With 57 peaks over 10,000 feet high and nearly 400 crystal clear high mountain lakes, the Sawtooth Range is nothing short of magnificent. Much of this great mountain range is designated as wilderness and as such protected from the developers bulldozer, the minors pickaxe, and the loggers saw. Within the wilderness boundaries, no mechanized mode of transportation or equipment is allowed. Without the clamoring of man, it is easy to imagine the degree of solitude these raw places offer. 

In Idahos remote places exists opportunities to capture singularities of both time and space. Moments where light, shape, and energy come together in a unique array; captured by my camera and now gone to the ages. A moment in time that has never been here before and will never return again.

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Shane Davila Wilderness Photographer

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