Illusions of Love

a warm embrace   |  promise of a kiss   |  all an illusion of love


Illusions of Love

Standing on a marshy bank of Stanley Lake on the edge of a cove below McGowen Peak provided a most romantic stage as I viewed this magical place. Intuition about a great unfolding, a revealing of the intimate expression of light and form had kept me here as the sun began to sink behind the mountains. A gentle breeze carried the intoxicating smells of pine trees and wildness. A calming hush blanketed the landscape all around me as she slowly revealed herself in an alluring pastel draped over her elegant body. Tranquility calmly deepened as her beauty materialized into the dream world I had entered. A warm embrace, as she gently caressed me promising of an evening of passion, a romantic interlude. Seduced by savage intimacy, now, heart racing, I bear down on my camera to capture her beautiful form being revealed to me. A wild climax and then, with a light echoing whisper, she fades away. Her warm light, curvy form, gentle touch, a fleeting lover, gone with the fading light,........all, an illusion of love.

This special cove on the back of Stalnley Lake disappeared beneath 20 feet of water during the earthquakes in the region in 2020.  A true one of a kind of a place and time that can never be witnessed again.


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Shane Davila Wilderness Photographer

This image is limited to just 100 copies.  Each Limited Edition Fine Art Print is signed by Shane Davila and includes a Certificate of Authenticity along with the image story printed on a special onion skin paper.

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