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Introduce nature's harmony and soothing beauty into your home or workspace while also incorporating a splash of color and natural elegance.


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2022 Calendar

IDAHO  2022 Calendar Cover

For over 25 years I've been roaming Idahos backcountry with a camera recording rare moments when the brilliance of light and form come together to reveal the beauty that is our Gem State, Idaho.  This calendar represents some of my favorite imagery and is sure to light up any home or office space.

I'm excited to announce that I have a high-quality calendar available for 2022.  These images are a collection of places I've visited over the last few years and all imagery is from Idahos backcountry.  They make wonderful Christmas gifts so if you know anyone who loves Idaho and all its beautiful scenery this is the perfect gift for them.  Each month showcases a unique stunning image along with a description of the place, or a story that is related to the image.

I'm a real stickler when it comes to quality and I worked very hard to ensure these babies are perfect!   It will be sure to brighten up any room and be a great conversation piece.  All images are unique and one of a kind.

Calendar Details:

* Cost is $15.95

* All major holidays

* 12 months from January 2022 through December

* 12 unique stunning images from Idahos wilderness

* Each image has a story about the image or about the location

Calendar Order
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Here are a few of the images used in the calendar.  

Off into the Pastel Starlight - 9700
Window Into The Enchanted (See Story)
Romantic Interlude

Prints | Canvas Wraps | Acrylic Prints | Metal Prints


Imagery is printed on high-quality archival papers and ink.  Most of my imagery is either printed on Glossy paper or Metallic paper bringing out the vibrance and punch you'd expect.  I can send just the prints or I can have them custom framed.  

Reach out to me for framing options.   Since these are customer photos and they will be in your space it will be good for us to make the framing and matting selections carefully so that your art piece will compliment your space bringing energy and vibrancy.


Canvas Gallery Wraps

Give your photo a painting-like quality. Canvas Gallery Wraps are images printed directly onto museum-quality canvas. The print is then wrapped around an artist's stretcher frame. 

They stand out from the wall between 1" and 1.5" depending on the size.  This gives your artwork dimension adding to its visual impact.  They come complete with hanging hardware already installed so they are ready to hang.

Breath Life Into Any Space

Metal Prints

By infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets your images will take on a magical luminescence that is sure to brighten up any room and draw the continuous attention of guests who view them.  These prints stand-out about 1-inch from the wall and ready to hang.

Copy of Untitled

Lumachrome - Metal Prints Paired with Polished Acrylic

Create a BOLD statement. I use a unique process that brings the ultimate image clarity and vibrancy to my images. First, I print my images in sizes that will capture all the stunning detail the photograph has to offer....They are big! Second, by utilizing a specialized process of infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets my images take on a magical luminescence. Lastly, to provide extra depth and radiance I pair the metal print with a polished acrylic overlay. This sleek and modern treatment gives your print a dazzling finish! You'll never see a more brilliant and impressive picture than the one proudly hanging on your wall.


Ordering Instructions

As with all my pictures, the larger they are the more impact they'll have. Larger sizes really bring out the details and richness within the scene. I suggest ordering nothing smaller than 24" x 16" and the best size is 36" x 24" and up. Consider that this will quite possibly be the centerpiece of your room that you and your guests will view each time you enter. As my photography grows in popularity so to will the value of my images making them a true investment.

Many of the images have varying aspect ratios, or the ratio between width and height.  For example a panorama may be 16:9 while a full frame image, with no cropping may be 3:2.  Therefore, not all images can be sold in the same size.  Although, most are 3:2 so sizes such as 60" x 40" & 48" x 32" & 36" x 24" & 24" x 16" are all possible.  


Pick the image you want.  Hover over the image in the Wilderness Gallery and remember its title or image number.


Choose your size:  (some images will require custom sizing)

60" x 40"

48" x 32"

36" x 24"

24" x 16"


Email me using the email button below with "PHOTO ORDER" in the subject line.  Include the product and size along with mailing instructions.  You may also call me at 208-866-7596 with questions.  


I'll email you your official quote.  After you authorize the job you will receive a paypal link to pay for the product and away it goes to the lab for professional printing.

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