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In Home Consultation

If your not sure which image may work well in your home, or which room may need a splash of natures soothing beauty and energy, I'm here to help. 

The goal is to select an image and lighting which will harmonize with your home-- bringing balance and energy--creating pleasing-positive energy and dynamic visual flow.

* What size of image and which image will create harmony with the surroundings?  

* Which space will benefit from having an image placed within it?

*What size will be appropriate for a given space or room? Too small an image will not bring confidence and energy to a room but may result in a lack of flow and bad Feng Shui. Too large of an image and it will seem out of place, overpowering, or awkward.

* Do you need to bring in more natural or artificial light into the image location to help it stand out, and bring out its essence?  I can assist with getting a plan for this.

See an image you like but would like it to be more of a panorama, longer and a bit narrower?   Many of my images are formatted in such a way that I am able to lengthen them by as much as 30%.  

I work with interior design specialists who can assist with either a whole room makeover, or just make adjustments so your new art will fit in and harmonize with your home.  Depending on the scope of work this may be included with image purchases.  My design help is on a case by case need. 

Please reach out to me and we'll work out the details.

Please feel free to reach out to me about my photography.  

Shane Davila



You may also instant message me on Facebook from either my personal page or my WILD & Scenic Idaho page.

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