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I'm Idahos Wilderness Photographer

My name is Shane Davila. Landscape photography is my passion. My niche is Idaho Wilderness Scenics. I bought my first camera in 1998 with college graduation money. Prior to that, I read Outdoor Photographer Magazine for years, not even owning a camera. Mesmerized by the incredible imagery, a burning desire developed, a yearning to capture my own landscape photographs.

I've spent most of my adult life chasing these epic moments, embracing them, and striving to capture these instances with my camera.  I often experience moments of delight and calm as the setting sun gently sinks below the horizon revealing another world of warm pastel colors of the sky, and a calming hush that spreads across the landscape as the day comes to an end.  In these moments exist all the elements which may come together to produce a pleasing photograph.  Being in pursuit these epic slivers of time is the real journey and experiencing all of it coming together is the reward, a reward I've devoted a lifetime learning to capture.        

Each of my photographs a special story, a unique earthly energy. My hope is to share nature's peace and soothing energy with you through my images and writing.

Shane Davila is a Wilderness Landscape Photographer by passion. With over two decades of experience behind the lens his photographs are very intentional, to convey a scene is such a way as to emotionally connect the viewer to the scene.

Getting there is half the Fun but lots of Work

Travel in Idahos wilderness often times can only be done by foot or horse.  No mechanized travel such, as mountain bike or ATV is allowed in designated wilderness.  Therefore, it can be a bit daunting getting there.  I often plan on staying for several days.

 The terrain in most of Idahos backcountry is anything but forgiving. I often spend up to a week in these incredible places, living out of a backpack or kayak with the sole purpose of capturing the incredible rugged nature and beauty our wilderness has to offer.

Not to say that all my imagery is taken in the far-off backcountry.  Many images might have been taken right from a jeep camp.

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My family and friends love to camp and backpack. My kids spent weekends and family vacations in the Idaho backcountry watching dad chase around the light with his camera. Being in nature with the people (and dogs) I love, are the moments I shall cherish forever!

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