2022 Idaho Wilderness Calendar

by Shane Davila

Realtor Deal

Cover 11.25 x 8.625


We all understand the importance of letting our clients know how much we appreciate them throughout the year.  Real Estate, after all, is a referral business.  One of the best ways to do this is by delivering a Pop-By, a small gift.  During the holidays many real estate professionals deliver pies.  What if it's not the kind they like, or what if they don't eat sweets?  Not to mention that after they are in a food coma you don't want them thinking of you!  Besides that, pies only last a couple of days, while calendars last the entire year.  Everyone living in Idaho, and especially those that have recently moved to Idaho, appreciates Idaho's beauty.  These calendars not only will be a powerful reminder each and every day of how much you appreciate them but will give them a stunning image each month showcasing the majestic beauty that is Idaho Wilderness.  This is the gift that does keep on giving the entire year.

Not only am I a fellow real estate agent, but also an accomplished wilderness photographer.  As an Idaho Native, I've had the great opportunity to spend decades roaming the backcountry recording the epic that is Idaho.  I know how important it is to stay in touch with real estate clients and have experienced the excitement my clients get when I deliver one of these calendars to them.  After all, everyone agrees that Idaho is beautiful. 

Write a neat cover letter letting them know how much you appreciate them to deliver with the calendar, or develop a tag with your branding, or deliver the calendar with a holiday card.  They come in a cellophane transparent bag so they are protected from the elements if you have to leave them on a doorstep.

Here's How It Works

Realtors will get my calendars for $13/each, when purchasing 10 or more.  If purchasing 25 I give a $25 discount.  I'm currently selling these calendars on my Facebook page and WILD & Scenic web page for $15.99 and will be raising the price to $19.95 soon.   If your just looking for a single calendar, or less than ten, just purchase those off my regular site.  You will pay the higher Non-Realtor amount though.

If you order 25 I will knock your investment down to $12.00 per calendar.  That is a $25 Savings!  Basically, its like getting two calendars for free.

Two Purchase Options

If you live in the Treasure Valley (Boise, Meridian, Eagle) you can just pick them up.  If you live outside the Treasure Valley and would like them shipped to you I will do that.

OPTION 1:   Pick-Up

If you'd like to save some shipping costs and you live in the Treasure Valley, this option is for you.  You can pick up your calendars the day after your order at my home in West Boise.  After your order is placed I will reach out to you with the pick-up location.

How Many Do You Want To Pick-Up?

OPTION 2:  Calendars Will Be Shipped To You.

If your outside of the Boise area I will mail them to you.  The cost will be $15 and is paid upon checkout.  Your order will ship out the next business day after your order is placed.

How Many Do You Want Shipped?

A few of the images in the calendar, click to enlarge.

Thank you for your interest in my photography and remember, Idaho photos make fantastic closing gifts.  I have hundreds of breath-taking images of Idahos Wilderness Backcountry and they can be purchased in all sizes and formats from framed art to metallic prints, and canvas wraps.  Check out my website and "join my list" so you can see when new things come out.  The picture on the right is one that I have given to a few clients and its a real hit.  I will help you with a branding package so that the gift is uniquely from you.

Coming soon, everyone's favorite, note cards.  The perfect way to stay in touch with your clients.

Breath Life Into Any Space

Please contact me with questions or special requests

Shane Davila



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